The Power of an Idea

Thanks to the Internet, ideas are flying about like lovebugs in the Florida springtime. There is no shortage of things to put into your brain these days, and anyone with a computer has the potential to present their opinions, no matter how silly to all of wired humanity.  I think I’ll enter the fray and share some ideas that just might make a positive difference in your life.  Just so you know, all of these ideas are not original to me.  We can thank Dr. Myles Monroe for much of what I’m about to share with you.

Ideas are like seeds. They carry incredible potential within.  Inside of a seed is a whole orchard, or an entire forest.  However, left on the windowsill, a seed will never grow so much as a single tree, much less a forest.  Yet, when placed into fertile ground, watered regularly, and given sunshine, the miracle of life happens and that single seed can begin to reach it’s full potential of exponential growth.

The right idea in the wrong place won’t work. How many of us have dreams within – ideas that are more than average; ideas that possess that magical spark of life and the potential to become something significant, maybe even life changing or even world changing?  Yet, because of our environment, that idea cannot find a place to put down roots and move from the realm of the heart into a physical realization.

Perhaps you’ve tried to plant the seed by sharing it with those around you.  You stepped out in faith and shared your dream with someone you trusted, only to hear how ridiculous it was, or got handed a long list of reasons why your seed could never become a tree.  Maybe it was you who talked yourself out of the idea.  You wrote yourself off as a daydreamer and told yourself that your idea was not for today, or maybe not for you at all, but maybe for someone else.

It is a sad fact that our western culture is a killer of dreams, and most people take their dreams to the grave.  The fact is, you were born with a destiny to fulfill.  People think that babies come into this world as blank pieces of paper upon which parents and teachers may write anything that they wish.  This is not true.  Every baby comes into the world with a destiny hidden within their heart by the Creator.  It is the privilege and responsibility of the parents, teachers, and in reality, all the rest of society to help this child discover, explore, and ultimately fulfill this divine purpose.  Yet, often as we share our dreams with parents or teachers, we are told that they are silly and we are told to embrace reality – the reality that they believe we should have.  And we listen to them, because after all, we are merely children and grownups, being old and wise, know everything.  Rather than being planted in fertile soil and nurtured to fruition, our dreams get stuffed into sterile boxes and covered over by the debris of life.

Consider this… everything begins as an idea. The computer you are reading this on began as someone’s idea.  The car that you drive, the food that you eat, the phone that you talk on – all are manifestations of someone’s idea.  The difference between their idea and yours is simply that they chose to turn their dream into a reality.

Let’s make it practical. First, you need to daydream again.  Sometimes you need to close your eyes so that you can begin to see.  Dreaming at night is random and rarely produces fruit.  Daydreaming is different – it can be a process of envisioning the future before it comes to pass.  It is the creation of vision.  Vision is one of the very best gifts that God ever gave to man.

Sight records the present, but vision records the future. Sight is a product of the eyes, but vision is a product of the heart.  Sight is an enemy of vision, because sight restricts us to the present.

You need to see your future so clearly that you can write it down and describe it to others. If you do not see your future, then you are leaving your future up to those around you to decide.  The fact that most people die with their dreams is so tragic.  Often the reason for this is merely because they did not have the courage to rise up and leave the sterile soil they were in and find good soil where their ideas could grow into fruit producing orchards.

If the ground around you will not accept the seed of your ideas, you need to being the quest to find a better environment.  This is not easy, but it’s absolutely vital to your destiny.  This means leaving the familiar and moving into the realm of the unknown.  Recapture that sense of adventure you once had, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it!

Once you find a place where your dream can grow, you need to find those who will cultivate and fertilize your ideas.  You need people in your life who will pull up the weeds, prune you once in a while, and put good solid teaching (fertilizer) into your life on a regular basis.  We hope we can help you in all these areas through what is presented in this ministry.

May you dream again, and may you never again underestimate the power of an idea.

Until next time,


~ by richlionheart on September 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Power of an Idea”

  1. Got a kick out the subtitle. Great article with clear concise indepth wisdom. Needed that! Thanks, Brenda

  2. Rich,

    Great post! It’s great to see you writing and getting this critical perspective out there.



  3. This is fantastic! I am listening to Myles Munroe as I am reading this. Clearly, you two would get along very well.

  4. While listening to content of Convening, I came to this blog site.
    It is refreshing to hear this in Kingdom talk, as much of it I have heard in the business world. Myles Munroe is another of my favorites, because we all have Kingdom in our hearts. Keep on speaking up. It needs to be heard.

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