About This Blog

Kingdom Worldview is the blog of Richard E. Carey.  I’m an avid student of what the Bible has to say about the Kingdom of God, and I’ve concluded that one of the biggest problems facing the Church is the lack of a true Kingdom Biblical Worldview.  While many claim to believe the Bible, our faulty doctrines have rendered us largely ineffective in our Great Commission.  This blog is my meager attempt at bringing some truth and light to those who have ears to hear.

May God bless you as you seek the truth, for in the truth, there is freedom.


2 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. Richard,
    Theologically, how you would describe the infrastructure under your outpost here on this blog. Are you christian reconstructionist, dominionist, theonomist, kingdom-now, preterist, reformed?

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the question. Since I despise the limitations of labels, I’ll refrain from trying to adopt one. I believe we desperately need reformation in the Church, I believe we need a fresh revelation of the dominion mandate in Genesis, and I’m an avid seeker of the Kingdom (rule and reign) of Jesus Christ in His Church. Eschatologically speaking, I would say I lean towards a partial-preterist position at this time, but I’m keeping my options open. I really hope my little Pre-Trib momma is right some days…


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